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Lentefee Kraamzorg is joyful maternity care for natural Mothers. What does this mean? As a woman your body knows how she can form a miraculously new human baby after conception, how she can give birth to the baby and how to raise the child. This information is stored in your body and has long since been passed down for generations . You, the bearer of this information, I call the natural mother .



Still many of us experience insecurity about our own abilities, as it is quite a responsibility to be a father or mother . Here I offer encouragement and affirmation of your own intuition and where you require it suggestions for dealing with your baby.



Warm welcome

The feeling of being supported, a warm welcome and allowing you to unfold in your own way. I think this is important for the little baby as well as for the new-born mum and dad and for any older children you may have.


Simple, in tune and open.



Moeder Aarde

                      Mother earth, painted by my mother


Lentefee Kraamzorg