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Nourishing the soul

Those who take good care of themselves can take proper care of others.


Specially for parents! Nurturing the cells, the heart, the senses, the soul.



As a graduate dietician and gourmand by birth, food is familiar territory for me. Tasty and nutritious meals are also very important during pregnancy and the time after that. I am familiar and proficient in the following cuisines:

• Tasty vegetarian

• Delicious vegan

• Yummy glutenfree

• Luscious raw food

• (placental) Smoothies

• Healing Herbs




As for food, I recommend:


1. Energy rich food, such as seeds and nuts (paste), avocados, coconut, olives, dried fruit, whole (milk) products, pastry and fish. Also during breast-feeding, you could use a little extra.


2. Iron rich food, such as beetroot juice, nettles, red fruits, concentrated tomato paste, dark green leafy vegetables (including seaweed), red meat and Floradix. Take with vitamin C.


3. High fibre food, such as oatmeal, flaxseed, whole wheat bread / rice / pasta, legumes, beans, fruits and vegetables.


4. Drink a lot of liquids, such as (ginger) tea, water with lemon, smoothies and juices.


5. Yummy food of course!





The skin is a wonderful organ that helps us to reconnect with ourselves. This is a lovely entrance to relaxation. I carry different oils of biological origin with me to lead you back to yourself when you need it. Also for your baby skin contact is very important, especially during the “kraamweek”.





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Life Giving Water

Water has a very energizing and nourishing effect. A shower can engergise and a bath can relax you. Drinking good water can also bring a lot of relief and is essential in the post partum period. Water gives peace and healing.



Warmth cares for a feeling of safety and  growth can take place. By the use of natural materials, like silk and wool we can help the baby to stay warm and feel happy.



Rest is definitely nourishing for the whole family. We shall certainly ensure you and your baby have relaxing restfull periods, these are essential for your child to recover from the birth and to grow.


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