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First meeting

You are welcome to call or email if you have questions. To sign up please fill out the registration form (see contact tab), and I will make an appointment to meet you at your home.

Handy items

Since it can be very exciting to go shopping for the little one, it’s good to get the clothes and all the rest before birth.

If you would like to give birth in the special birthpool Cocon Maxi, you could rent an inflatable one from me. Please order a personal cover (hoes in dutch) for it yourself.




To really enjoy your pregnancy it’s important to feel healthy, which also helps your baby to grow well. In order to know how the nutritional balance of your body is, it’s possible to measure this by bio resonance, for example.

During pregnancy it’s very possible there will be emotions or memories coming up which you thought to have worked through already. This is a beautiful opportunity to cleanse yourself even deeper.



Do you wonder where you want to give birth and who you would like to be there? What helps you to feel secure? What can help you to be in your body? Which role can your partner have? How do see yourself giving birth? Do you feel the support from all the mothers before you who gave birth?Your midwife or doula can support you in your choices.voorbereiding2



The birth of the placenta is the end of the labour. You will be asked what you would like to do with it. As some inspiration, here is a list with the healing components of the placenta:


Since it has so many healthy beneficial compounds in it, some women choose to eat their placenta in the form of a smoothie (it’s great with fruits) or dried and ground in capsules. After a tiring birth the consuming of a part of the placenta can work as a strong medicine to help you recover.



It is a good thing to wonder in advance how and when people will meet your new baby. You don’t know how you will feel after birth so maybe it is best to start slowly at your own pace. For the baby the birth was an intense journey so rest is very important.






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