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I am Linfee, my name is one of the many gifts from my parents. I was born in the spring of 1985, and my mother is Ahobel, daughter of Marie-Christine. She helps me to really set things up in life. My father is Johan, the oldest son of Anne. He helps me to see clearly in life. My parents have also given life to a powerful brother and a radiant sister, at who’s birth I was present. This is the nest I came from, my origin.




My passion for maternity care finds its roots in the awareness of the mystery that is so common place in everyday life. The transition from the prenatal period to birth and beyond is a privilege to observe and be a part of. I am fascinated by the journey that a baby makes to emerge into our world and also to see the wonder and purity in its being.



Since I feel interested in many aspects of life, I attended the following courses and programs:

* art therapy

* nutrition and dietetics

* medicinal herbalism

* childminding

* maternity care

* Dunstan Baby Language


I have an affinity for natural care, which involves the use of natural methods and materials. You can think of baby massage, clothes and blankets made of soft wool, cotton wipes, camomile oil etc. How natural you like to be is entirely up to you.


Lentefee Kraamzorg