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Natural maternity care


BabyHolland is unique in its maternity care system, called “kraamzorg”. In many cultures the mother (in law) or an older sister comes to support the family and show the parents how they can take care for their child. In Holland this is the role for the maternity caretaker, the “kraamverzorgende”, which is my role. Care for the mother and the baby during this time is most important. Together with the midwife I support you during the first week after labour.



I work mainly around Nijmegen

geelHow many hours

The maternity care is spread over eight days, the day of delivery is the first day. These eight days are called the “kraamweek”. The Dutch health insurance covers breastfeeding mothers for 49 hours and non breastfeeding mothers for 45 hours.

Health insurance

In Holland everyone has to have a basic health insurance. This covers the maternity care almost, there is still personal contribution required of € 4.30 per hour. You can get it refunded by taking a supplementary insurance, enquire with your health care provider. I work self employed so I work together with Kraamzorg1op1, who will complete all financial arrangements and they work together with most insurance companies.



As labour begins (you get contractions, you lose amniotic fluid, etc.) you can give me a call so I can make ready. I will come when the midwife calls me to help in childbirth. Then I’ll stay with you for at least a few hours after delivery to get you started. At most hospital births I will only assist at your request but some hospitals require me to attend. When you come home I will come to help out.





Breastfeeding may be your first choice. I welcome you and guide you in the miracle of breastfeeding your baby and do all I can to enable you to succeed.



If you have older children I will also involve them in the arrival of your little baby and give support for these important changes in your family. I am happy to play with them or make some art work together.


I can also help with the light tasks in the household and cooking if you like .




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